rhizomes.04 spring 2002

Contributors' Notes

Radhika Gajjala is an assistant professor at Bowling Green State University and has published in journals such as Gender and Development and Feminist Media Studies. Explore her world.

Susanna Paasonen is a researcher at the department of Media Studies, University of Turku, Finland, where is currently finishing her PhD on the popularization and gendering of the Internet and the genealogies of popular cyberdiscourse. She has published one monograph and edited three other volumes on media studies and feminist theory, and is the co-editor of the forthcoming Women and Everyday Uses of the Internet: Agency & Identity.

Paula Graham: "I'm a dyke, not gainfully employed at a university, live in London (the one in the UK)." For more on Paula Graham, visit her website, «http://liquid2k.net/pgraham/».

Jodey Castricano is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Film Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada. She is the author of Cryptomimesis: The Gothic and Jacques Derrida's Ghost Writing (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2001).

Doreen Piano is a doctoral candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at Bowling Green State University. Her dissertation titled Congregating Women: Reading Delivery, Ethos, and Style in Women's Subcultural Production studies a group of women who produce and circulate zines. Recent and future publication include "'Leaving Las Vegas': The Prostitute as a Site of Abjection" in the forthcoming Exclusions in Feminist Thought: Challenging the Boundaries of Womanhood and "Resisting Subjects: The Politics of Spectacular Style in Women's Subcultural Production," in The Post-Subculturalist Reader. She currently teaching women's studies at University of Houston in Texas.

Annapurna Mamidipudi lives and works in Hyderabad, India. She has been collaborating with Radhika since 1998.

Michelle Kendrick, is an Associate Professor of English and Director of the Program in Digital Technology and Culture at Washington State University Vancouver.

Kristine Blair is an Associate Professor of English at Bowling Green State
University. In addition to research interests in gender and technology, distance learning, and technology and teacher training, her recent projects include the co-edited Feminist Cyberscapes: Mapping Gendered Academic Spaces, as well as a co-authored cultural studies textbook Cultural Attractions/Cultural Distractions: Critical Literacy in Contemporary Contexts and co-authored monograph for the National Center for Curricular Transformation for Women. Articles on gender and electronic environments are forthcoming in Computers and Composition: An International Journal for Teachers of Writing and the collection Teaching Writing with Computers: An Introduction.

Angela Haas is an Instructor of Scientific and Technical Communication at Bowling Green State University. Her research interests include gender and technology, online documentation, and usablility testing. Most recently, she co-authored a forthcoming article on gender and technology for Computers and Composition: An International Journal for Teachers of Writing.

Davin Heckman is a doctoral student at Bowling Green State University, and co-editor and founding member of «www.reconstruction.ws». When not training his pokemon or doing tech-work for Rhizomes, Davin can be found obsessing over household technologies and everyday life.