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Rhizomes emphasizes multimedia to foster imaginative work that challenges typical critical forms. So while submissions need not necessarily include developed multimedia, authors should consider how their work might be enhanced by elements specific to the online medium. A list of calls for papers can be found here.

Rhizomes engages in a collaborative review process. In addition to an initial screen by the editors, contributions will undergo a "blind" review by at least two members of the editorial board. Authors will work with editors and technical staff to establish a more effective online presentation. Contributors may be asked to supply relevant image and/or audio files, for example.

Rhizomes does not charge for submission or levy processing fees for accepted articles.

Article submissions

Ellen Berry:
All article submissions should be sent via email attachment in Microsoft Word. PDF and other word processing formats will not be accepted for review. All submissions should conform to standards for citation that govern publications in the author's field and should include a bibliography, if appropriate. We will consider short pieces but cannot consider texts of more than 7500 words, including notes. In order to facilitate production, final essay manuscripts should follow these style guidelines.

Review submissions

Craig Saper:
We encourage submission of website, new technology, event, installation, and conference reviews as well as book reviews.


Questions/problems regarding the website should be directed to Helen J Burgess: