Neo-Liberal Governmentality:
Technologies of the Self & Government Conduct

Edited by Hai Ren

» Modes of Governance in Neo-Liberal Capitalism: An Introduction
Hai Ren


» Helping Women Who Sell Sex: The Construction of Benevolent Identities
Laura María Agustín

» The Stratifications of Normativity
Roderick A. Ferguson

» Social Engineering the World's Freest Economy: Neo-liberal capitalism and Neo-liberal Governmentality in Singapore
Soek-Fang Sim

» The Neo-Liberal Subject of Lack and Potential: Developing "the Frontier Within" and Creating a Reserve Army of Labor in 21st Century Japan
Andrea G. Arai

» Subculture as a Neo-Liberal Conduct of Life in Leisure and Consumption
Hai Ren

» Youth, Neoliberalism, Ethics: Some Questions
Joe Austin

» Holistic (Dis)Organizations: Gaia at Alcatraz, Italy
Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio

» Neoliberal Civilization and the Economic Disciplining of Human Rights: Convergent Models in the United States and China
Tina Chen and David Churchill

» Queer Theory’s Loss and the Work of Mourning Jacques Derrida
Michael O'Rourke


» Jane Sexes It Up: True Confessions of Feminist Desire
Reviewed by Jessica Nathanson

» The Difficult Middle
Donald Callen

» The Blog Report: Technologies of Forgetting
by Craig Saper

New Features

» Hyperrhiz
Helen J. Burgess


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