Feminism's Others

Edited by Carol Siegel

» Introduction: Feminist Diversity
Carol Siegel


» Suspending Gender: The Politics of Indeterminacy in Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body
Ellen E. Berry

» Knightley and the Late-Millennial Men's Movements; or Modernity and its Discontents
Michael Kramp

» Sisters: Lynne Cheney's Feminism
Heather Love and Mara Mills


» ON BEING EXCLUDED as an IRISH WOMAN WRITER, and Poems from The Sea of Affliction
Rosemarie Rowley

» Exploring Border Country: The Use of Myth and Fairy Tale in Gillian Clarke's Poem Sequence, "The King of Britain's Daughter"
Diane Green

Visual Media

» kawaii and kirei: Navigating the Identities of Women in Laputa: Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki and Ghost in the Shell by Mamoru Oshii
Rebecca Johnson

» Eating the (M)Other: Cheryl Dunye's Feature Films and Black Matrilineage
Frann Michel

» The L Word
Tina Krauss


» The Rebirth of Pleasure
Karmen MacKendrick

» Somatic Matters: Becoming Molecular in Molecular Biology
Deboleena Roy

» Food: My Feminist Issue
Marie Drews


» Deconstructive Intersections
Katriina Honkanen

» Partial Visions of Patriarchy and Fragmented Subjectivity: Chicana Feminism Amidst Anti-Hegemonic Discourses
Amanda Nolacea Harris


» Love for Sale and Free Love
Carol Siegel


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