Deleuze and Photography

Edited by Michael Kramp, Lehigh University

» Introduction: Unburdening Life, or the Deleuzian Potential of Photography
Michael Kramp


Photography Paces Philosophy Pedagogic: an essay concerning Gilles Deleuze and Photography
John Morton
» part one - text (pdf)
» part two - images (pdf)

» Photographing folds
Zoe Hatziyannaki

» Tearing Real Images from Clichés through Edward Burtynsky's Manufactured Landscapes
Todd Jerome Satter

» Photography and Duration: Time Exposure and Time-Image
Sandra Plummer

» Jeff Wall and the Poetic Picture: With Bergson and Deleuze towards a Photo-theory beyond Representation
Leen DeBolle

» Seeing Immanent Difference: Lorna Simpson and the Face's Affect
Laurie Rodrigues

» The Archival Uncanny: A Family Lacuna
Joseph Heathcott

» Face of a Dead Bird — Notes on grief, spectrality and wildlife photography
Hugo Reinert

» Gilles Deleuze's ideas on non-Euclidean narrative: a step towards fractal narrative
German Duarte

» Lomo-FI (v.): To Expose the Haecceities that Pose for Your Lomography Camera
Alexander Paul Monea

» Deleuze and Guattari and Photography Education
Rob Coley, Dean Lockwood & Adam O'Meara

» Practicing the Abject: Deleuze and the Analog Uncanny
Cara Judea Alhadeff


» Introduction: The Photographic Wound
Nitzan Lebovic

» Exhibition: Aïm Deüelle Lüski


» Huppauf, Bernd and Christoph Wulf (eds.), Dynamics and Performativity of Imagination: The Image between the Visible and the Invisible
Clarissa Lee

» Theresa Delgadillo, Spiritual Mestizaje: Religion, Gender, Race and Nation in Contemporary Chicana Narrative
Liz Barr

» Minsoo Kang, Sublime Dreams of Living Machines: The Automaton in the European Imagination
Sara Cole

» Andrew Ivaska, Cultural States: Youth, Gender, and Modern Style in 1960's Dar es Salaam
Nana K.O. Gyesie

» Elie Podeh, The Politics of National Celebrations in the Arab Middle East
Kelly Wiechart

» Lisa Nakamura, Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet
Shawntay Stocks

» Peter H. Kahn, Jr., Technological Nature: Adaptation and the Future of Human Life
Robert Miller

» Guattari's Machinic Unconscious and Proust as Schizoanalyst
Don Callen

» Veit Erlmann, Reason and Resonance: A History of Modern Aurality
Lloyd Vayo


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