Working-Class Academics: Theories, Mythologies, Realities

Edited by Carol Siegel


» Still Unbroken
Carol Siegel


» A Clamor in My Kindergarten Heart: Class, Academia, and Anxious Times
Sara Appel

» Aerodynamics
Susan B. Apel

» Working-Class Women at the MLA Interview
Lynn Arner

» Rhetorical Maneuvers: Reflections on being Blue Collar in an Academic World
Raymond Blanton and Joshua P. Ewalt

» What Is a Working-Class Intellectual?
Larry Busk and Billy Goehring

» Is Higher Education Working Class? The Politics of Labor in Neoliberal Academe
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

» What Makes Working-class Scholarship Worth Pursuing
Ian Ho-yin Fong

» Dreams and Nightmares: Survivor Guilt in Working Class Crossovers
Barbara Jensen

» This Circle Has an End: Teaching "Myself," Fifteen Years Later
Heidi J. Jones

» Tress-passing: A Hair-raising Tale of Surviving by Migrating to the Un(Class)ified Mind
Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb

» Mr Messy and the Ghost in the Machine
Mcphie, Jamie

» I Was So Right About That: Social Class and the Academy
Sharon O'Dair

» As Long as You Think We Are White: Our Experience as Working Class Academics in the Humanities
Justin Philpot and Katie Sullivan Barak

» "A Working-Class Intellectual is Something to Be"? Theorizing the Incorporation (and Resistance) of Working-Class Academics as a (Counter-) Hegemonic Process
Herbert Pimlott

» From the Trailer Park to the Ivory Tower and Somewhere in Between: A Critical Autoethnography of Class Performativity in Academe
Tasha Rennels

» Homespace: Rejecting Academic Relocation and Honoring Working-Class Roots
Stephanie Sellers

» Nuanced White Trash: Embodying Class, Moving Through Time, and Caretaking in the Neoliberal University
Raechel Tiffe

» Coming to know
Valerie Walkerdine

» On the Other Side of What Tracks? The missing discussion of social class in the academy
Deborah Warnock


» Richard Gilman-Opalsky, Precarious Communism: Manifest Mutations. Manifesto Detourned
Matt Bernico


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