Rhizomes 28


» poetry, art and deleuze
Sheridan Linnell and Bronwyn Davies

» Love's Lesbian Refrain of Feeling: 'Bette and Tina' and the Subversion of Heterosexual Affect
Sarah Cefai

» Hidden operations: Hermine Freed's video work ART HERSTORY
Nina Schjønsby

» Cutupidité: Becoming-Radically-Stupid
Zafer Aracagök

» Spring Break Forever, Bitches! Neoliberal Identity Politics Undergoes Schizoanalysis
Jacob W. Glazier

» Steampunk Anachronisms: Queer Histories of the Digital Humanities
Roger Whitson

» "Is it worth the trouble": Roland Barthes and the Pleasure of (Being) the Text
Billy Petersen


» Mikhail Epstein, The Transformative Humanities
Arianna Dagnino

» Shaka McGlotten, Virtual Intimacies
Kathryn Silverstein

» Unruly Avatars and the Anarchy of Influence
Sudipto Sanyal

» AnaLouise Keating, Transformation Now!
Ruken Isik

» Lori Emerson, Reading Writing Interfaces
Teresa Daniell


» Contributors