Rhizomes 37

Edited by Ellen E. Berry



Schrödinger’s Katniss: A Diffractive Reading of Quantum Entanglement and The Hunger Games
Rosie Clarke

The brain is a blinding light: How neuroscience (re)plays a parody of The Solar Anus
David R. Gruber

The Treachery of Materiality: On what it’s like to be a thing
Rachel Horst

Scams, Heists, and Racial Disidentification: Joanne the Scammer at the Intersection of Queer of Color Critique and Digital Blackness
Kidiocus King-Carroll

Braided Senses and Tangible Technics: Strange Encounters and Ethological Exploration at the Media Archaeology Lab
Christopher Loughnane

Intersections of New Media and Narratives: The Enhanced Ebook Reading Experience
Alejandra Ortega

Bleeding together: Caitlin Hackett and companion ecologies
Michael Uhall


Behind the Times
Abby Lloyd, Alyssa Davis Gallery, Solo Show


The PMC Goes on Trial
John Lawton

Paul Clements, The Outsider, Art and Humour
Barry Mauer

TMI or OMG: Jeff Rice Laughs At The King With No Clothes
Craig Saper

Barry Mauer’s Deadly Delusions: Right-Wing Death Cult
Jen Senko

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