Codework and Surveillance


» Introduction
Louis Armand

» The Influencing Machine of Miss Natalija A.
Zoe Beloff

» Highlights of a Career in Surveillance: A Colloquial Memoir
MTC Cronin

» Points (Lucretian Codes)
Ondrej Galuska

» "Surveillance" and "Period Piece"
Philip Hammial

» International Necronautical Society event report
Tom McCarthy
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» Etymology of Code: Distance, Juxtaposition, and Fictive Space
Thomas P. Mackey

» Mobilization Network: Personation, Poetry Hoaxes, and the Internet
Damian Judge Rollison 

» Textual Surveillance: The Double Eyes (and I's) of George Bataille's Story of the Eye
I.R. Roughley 

» My Google-ography: An Anecdotal Survey of New Challenges and Opportunities in Subjectivity and Form
David Seiter

» Codeworld [printable version]
Alan Sondheim

» Opaque Melodies that Would Bug Most People: a Short History of Dislocation in Six Tracks
Darren Tofts

» Escape from the Dual Empire [audio version: 15 minutes, 3 seconds]
McKenzie Wark


» Contributors