Theory's Others

» Introduction
Carol Siegel


» Georges Bataille: The Globular & Cross Gender Identification Through Eyeball Mutilation In The Horror Film
Donald L. Anderson

» Passion Pink and Heroes
Joanna Frueh

» Paula Kamen and Carol Siegel: A Dialogue Across Feminist Generations
Paula Kamen and Carol Siegel

» Machismo and Geographies of Hope
Carlos Adams

» Stalling Zion: Hegemony through Racial Conflict in The Matrix
Douglas A. Cunningham

» reading caveats*: Roland Barthes, Georges Poulet, D.A. Miller and me
Michelle Kelly
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» Towards a Postmodern Political Art: Deleuze, Guattari, and the Anti-Culture Book
Benjamin D. Carson

» A Short History of the Future of Walking
Phil Smith

» Zoography
Mark Zuss

» What's Wrong With Posthumanism?
Stefan Herbrechter and Ivan Callus


» Contributors