Edited by Craig Saper and Ellen E. Berry

» Introductory Drift
Craig Saper and Ellen E. Berry


» Drifting in the Weeds of Heaven: Mary Oliver and the Poetics of the Immeasurable
Rose Lucas

» Drifting Between: the Waking Dream of Effort and Fatigue Through Film
Holly Baumgartner

» Ellen Meloy's Deep Nomadology (How to Map the Heartland of a Nuclear-Age Desert)
Dianne Chisholm

Creative non-fiction

» How Many Leaves Has the River Borne Away?: Walking the Warrior's Path
Casey Clabough

» Amsterdam Drifts
John Wylam

» Writing the Ruins: Rhetorics of Crisis and Uplift after the Flood
Doreen Piano


» Drift
Jim Miller


» Drift
Clive Austin and Phil Smith

Art & performance pieces

» Transfers: Portrait of a City
Matt Roberts and Kristin Powers

» Exchange :: Drifting Between
Nancy Nisbet

» A Case for Boston as a Liquid not a Solid
Catherine D'Ignazio

» Place and the Electrate Situation
William Tilson and John Craig Freeman


» A replica of language: The Wayward, by Alan Sondheim
Thomas Zummer

» The Negation of Negation is Not My Friend: The Parallax View, by Slavoj Zizek
Erin Labbie

» Christopher Fynsk, The Claim of Language: A Case for the Humanities
Jonathan Glover

» A Slow Letting-Go: Stopping to Drift at CONFLUX
Danny Coeyman


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