Rhizomes 36

Edited by Ellen E. Berry



Ethical Archetypes in Environmental Histories
Mohammed S. Ali

Science fiction and science dis/trust: Thinking with Bruno Latour’s Gaia and Liu Cixin’s The Three-body Problem
Elizabeth de Freitas and Sarah E. Truman

The Force of the Intoxic – The Addict Saint
Rob Shields

‘No Pigs in Paradise’: Speculative Materialism in the Spirit of Black Constellation
Balbir K. Singh

The Capitalist Socius and Videogame Production: Autopoietic Subjectivation Monsters
Joshua Jackson

The Post-Human Media Semblance: Predictive Catastrophism
Ekin Erkan

Making and Breaking Space: Rethinking Montage in Digital Writing
Will Luers

Black Hole Materialism
Christopher Neil Gamble and Thomas Nail

15 Minutes of Existence During A Pandemic: Pseudonyms in Mail-Art and Social Media
Craig J. Saper, dj readies, and Craig Sapper


Lisa Gitelman’s Raw Data Is an Oxymoron Revisited For a Pandemic
Lee Boot

Tero Karppi’s Disconnect: Facebook’s Affective Bonds
Alyssa M. Brumis

Tristan Garcia’s Electric Ontology: Thought and its Deracinated Image
Ekin Erkan

Post-Continental Naturalism: Equipollence between Science and Ontological Pluralism
Ekin Erkan

On Inventing (the) Experimental Humanities
Sergio C. Figueiredo

Reverse Cowgirl by McKenzie Wark
J Inscoe

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