Hives, Tribes, Assemblages: New Collectivities

Envisioning Assemblages

» Bear Life: Rhetorics of Terror and Global Warming
Isaac Vayo

» Exception, Rule and Architecture out-of-field
Marko Jobst

» Getting Anagogic
Nicola Masciandaro

» Deleuzian Folds in Hodgson's Ghost Pirates
Jacob Huntley

Reconstructing Group Identities/Revisionary Assemblages

» "We Have Been Waiting..."
Peter McDonald

» Assembled Togetherness: New Materialism and the Aporias of Cosmopolitanism
Dennis Mischke

» A Community of Cannibals: Visuality and Civilized Subjectivity in Fatimah Tobing Rony's On Cannibalism
Danielle Bouchard

» The Rhizomes of Manipur: How Marginal Resistance Turns Difference into Affirmation
Andrew Robinson

» The Deconstruction Of Dolls: How Carnal Assemblages Can Disrupt The Law From Within In Ghost In The Shell: Innocence
Emilie Dionne

Coming Together to Make New Worlds/New Collectivities

» R.S.V.P.: Choreographing Collectivity through Invitation and Response
Emma Cocker

» Story Networks: A Theory of Narrative and Mass-Collaboration
Courtney Hopf

» Adventurers Turned Tale-Tellers: The Emergence of an On-line Folk Art Community
Anastasia Salter

» Sex as Game: Playing with the Erotic Body in Virtual Worlds
Bonnie Ruberg

Nomadology Continued/Out of the Hives into the Streets

» Tourists/Terrorists – Useful Ambiguities in a Search for Models
Phil Smith

» Seattle's WHEEL and Women in Black: Organizing to Resist the Lethal Consequences of Homelessness
Desiree Hellegers

» Scenes from a Mall
Sudipto Sanyal


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