About the Seminar and Issue

In the Fall-Winter of 2015 UnderAcademy College, in collaboration with Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge presents a seminar in meme cultures. The course focused on patterns of emergence, of decadence, of virality and longevity in relation to the cultural networks within which memes circulate.

Seminar topics included: Rhetorical construction, function and modalities in meme forms such as image-macros, photo-fads, and viral video, memes as social and cultural capital, and issues of play in meme culture.

In the online course, Participant/contributors developed the ideas, projects, and prompts that form this special issue of Rhizomes.


Talan Memmott
Davin Heckman
Claire Donato
Sergio Figueiredo
Jeremy Hight
Jeff T. Johnson
Kelly Lydick
Mark Marino
Craig Saper
Orchid Tierney
Erik Zepka