I just returned from a long meandering voyage in the TARDIS, starting in the year 3030 and ending in the prehistoric world. I encountered a variety of gestic forms, some long forgotten and others not yet created. Along the way, I met the new Prime Minister of Canada and he posed with me and the TARDIS (my hair is a bit long and blonde in the photo).

Between the Bad Wolf sightings, recurring mentions of Torchwood, and lingering questions about Mr. Saxon, I encountered a variety of seemingly alien experiences. Some of these were surely one-offs and some coincidences, but I find myself wondering which of them were gestic movements of the past and future.

Hop into the TARDIS with me and post your future and past informational viruses under the category: “Prompt Response: SPECULATIVE MEMES.” Keep in mind that present media forms might be unsuited for the reproduction of magical, transdimensional, alien, or technological forms, so feel free to describe these gestic forms using materials reproducible in this forum. And, since these worlds might be jarring to our readers, fables, myths, metaphors, and other strategies might be necessary.

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