personal masses

everything you’ve written has been distilled into a few jokes

all your suffering can’t be related if we can’t find a way to turn it into a soundbite – language doesn’t say everything but it’s better than nothing

critical thought began as a bar joke, a pithy insult, a proverbial statement that eliminated people in favour of generalities

the best way to express tragedy is with humour

never underestimate the superficial – anyone you don’t know, take time to get to know their expressions – find suitable descriptions to contextualize and validate them

share things with your friends

a post-technological reckoning – an analysis of the increasingly product-driven valorization of knowledge – where space is given as a series of symbolic approximations – nostalgia for home, the highest statistical logo probability

how things used to be

when these are memes or not memes

how to write philosophy/ideas in the context/language that has currency in social media – liking it or not

Social media as the focal point of technological discussion, and the “meme” as one of many recent web terms trying to grapple with a descriptive system for the kinds of cultural creations that can gain an existence and currency within digital space

if it is the job of the cultural worker to unearth communication in vulgar forms – to participate generally – what is that in internet terms... create pictorial and verbal forms that might stretch a given notion of a meme... to find space where your personal desire in art and what the medium affords may/may not come together in new social modes both impersonally current and expressively sensitive. invent/seek out tropes (shares, statuses, screenshots, compositions, found photos, or whatever else) that relate the meme to a more general linguistic/aesthetic tendency and to a form of personal expression.

Personal Masses
Comic-al Memes · Fishgape is the new duckface


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Claire Donato
Sergio Figueiredo
Jeremy Hight
Jeff T. Johnson
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