Memetic Aphorisms and Methods for Post-Computational Thought

practicalism and systems of doing

memes as a method with which to construct a philosophical position. what is assumed within

standards for making a proper philosophical argument (an outline, debate point notes, an academically conventional essay, historically ratified forms of exposition, posts) – done with “meme material” – what you can extrapolate from social media language, its popular idioms

words and pictures that are never fully your own but always partially yours in the common sense of what is more public – the space of iterative connections that has no location but is entirely a space inhabited

how do you immerse thought into a playground for the alienated – what is a critical discourse of viral iconography

what is it to live inside a space of comic gestures, contagious party systems pre-calculated to account for outliers

politics after computation: whoever reaches ridicule first wins the sublime

Prompt: explore territories where philosophical thought and memetic creation intersect

memetic aphorisms
notational jottings · Are YOU wasting precious time thinking up funny captions? Save yourself the grief.


Talan Memmott
Davin Heckman
Claire Donato
Sergio Figueiredo
Jeremy Hight
Jeff T. Johnson
Kelly Lydick
Mark Marino
Craig Saper
Orchid Tierney
Erik Zepka