Bury my heart in wounded meme/ memes as memorials and non static memes

I want to be buried in a meme. Scatter my digital accumulations across the winds of twitter like 010101 ashes. A human body is flesh and bone and blood and will inevitably fall to the years and simple fact that nobody gets out of here alive. The worms will dance as the old saying goes or the body as ashes is tossed for a few seconds reborn as a cloud.

What could be the digital memory as meme encased? How long may the oldest meme live (it is far too soon to tell thus far…).

The widely disseminated memes have proven to have a lifespan born out of saturation, context, time based relevance seep and fade. This is a kind of death. The zombies at times emerge from these memes as new contexts and post something or meta this and that. This is a truism in the history of technology and art, cycles spin in and out, context doubles back sometimes later. The mullet in the 80’s was just a haircut.

What is the space within memes as a critical mass is reached? Is the form reaching a new impasse of possible radical permutations beyond the meta, anti-meme and other current constructs?

If all spaces are arguably a kind of architecture and agitated space full of a range of contexts and interpretations what of using memes as a kind of database of legacy and memory? What of memes also moving into non static forms?

What can be done to place a person’s legacy or essence in a series of memes across the internet? What might be the scattering wind across platforms and dissemination? What might carry layers and a visual/textual immediacy of a person?

What might be a new twist on meta/post memes? What could be a new media of memes beyond the static image and text dichotomy?

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