meme lives matter

When the #BlackLivesMatter movement began, Twitter lit up as the site of yet another work of hashtag activism — or tagtavism. However, no good meme goes unmimeographed. Soon enough, the Internet was all afluster with its indignant indignation and so responded swiftboatly with #AllLivesMatter. Yes, yet again, a good idea ruined by lame memeness — or lamemity.

It seems that nothing good lives very long on the Internet — especially nothing with any noble goal in mind — before it is re-appropriated, rehashtagged, remixed and largely crappified. For Example: Grumpy Cat.

So let’s embrace the godawfulness of it all — and dive right into that empty swimming pool.

Don’t wait for the Internet to water down, wash over in pastiche and parody, or otherwise waste in wishywashy wasteyness something potentially significant in the world of cultural protest. Let’s just do the damage ourselves!!!! #yayus swimbo


For this exercise, create a meme that takes a popular social issue meme, reappropriates it, misses the point entirely, and reissues it for something boring, bland, or banal. Take some worldchanging meme-tivism and take the punch and piss out of it.

Phase 2: Meme-down a Meme that’s already been mealy-mouthed!

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Talan Memmott
Davin Heckman
Claire Donato
Sergio Figueiredo
Jeremy Hight
Jeff T. Johnson
Kelly Lydick
Mark Marino
Craig Saper
Orchid Tierney
Erik Zepka