good guy gandhi

From the point of view of Gestus, what is lacking here is any sort of harmonics between intonation and expression. What is maintained is department, which is a formality of the image macro in general. The form is consistent with the idiom, but the dissonance between intonation as caption and expression presented as “face”, which localizes and embodies the caption; which allows for department, as container, to become something bigger than instance or iteration, emphasizes absurd, idiomatic juxtaposition over the managable informatic product we call a “meme”

gnomimetic remix
Good Guy Gandhi · gnomimetic remix with benjamin
wonka reduction · gnomimesis is magic


Talan Memmott
Davin Heckman
Claire Donato
Sergio Figueiredo
Jeremy Hight
Jeff T. Johnson
Kelly Lydick
Mark Marino
Craig Saper
Orchid Tierney
Erik Zepka